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Saturday, May 28, 2022

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Bee Breeding around the World

Breeding for Varroa Tolerance in Germany by Kirsten Traynor


The Total Breeding Value as basis of selection decisions

Starting in 1994, the Institute of Apidology in Hohen Neuendorf has been estimating the breeding value for the traits; honey yield, docility, swarming behaviour and calmness on the comb. A few years ago, the Varroa-index has been...


Report about the Practice Day of the AGT in August, 2010 at the Centre of Bee Breeding, Bantin

[Translate to en:] Am 21.08.2010 trafen sich in Bantin ca. 90 Teilnehmer (Züchter) davon ein Franzose im Bienenzuchtzentrum in Bantin. Die Eröffnung fand gegen 9 Uhr bei bestem Wetter im Bienengarten statt.


Studies about optimisation of Tolerance Mating Stations to increase the Breeding Success

Systematic selection will result in stock with improved disease resistance. The purpose of tolerance mating stations is to spread the selection progress into the beekeeping community


Management of Drone Colonies at Tolerance Mating Stations without medication has been standing the test

The concept of the AGT tolerance mating stations works on the assumption that under high infestation pressure drone colonies with positive tolerance characteristics have a selective advantage over more susceptible colonies.