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Thursday, January 27, 2022

Association of tolerance breeding (AGT)

Effective selection within a large population is a prerequisite for sustainable breeding success!

To reach this aim, many breeders and performance testers have joined the Association of tolerance breeding (AGT). We share the goal of breeding highly productive honey bees with improved resistance against varroosis. We have agreed to use standardized criteria of performance testing that are based on scientific methods. In addition to the general practice of performance testing, we also evaluate characters related to varrosis tolerance and vitality of the bee population.

The AGT was founded in 2003 and forms an independent organization within the German Beekeeping Association (DIB). From all over Germany and the neighbouring countries, its members are organized in regional subgroups, thus facilitating mutual sharing of information and exchanging of experience. The regional groups also organize the registration of assessment data, circular exchange of queens, and insemination workshops.

The aim of all these activities is the selection of extraordinary high-quality breeder colonies based on objective criteria!