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Sunday, September 19, 2021

Ordering and printing the AGT Queen ID Card

The AGT Queen ID Card distinguishes queens that have been produced according to our strict selection criteria. Its use is restricted to members of the AGT, and we encourage all our members to use this. The Queen ID Card is a trademark for the quality of our breeding efforts.

Blanks for Queen ID Cards can be ordered at the office using the ordering form.

There are two different types of AGT Queen ID Card:

  • Coloured (2€) for queens from pure bred strains
  • Grey (1€) for unmated or open-mated queens

The prices represent a license fee to help us cover administrative costs.

Printing a Queen ID Card

The blank inner pages are to be filled in and can be printed with the pedigree and the breeding values of the direct ancestors of the queen. If available, you can also attach the certificate of mating.
To print your data, either use beebreed or the “Zuchtbuch” computer program on your computer.