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Thursday, January 27, 2022


Within the AGT, breeders are able to offer especially valuable queens because they select according to high standards and they continuously test all their breeding colonies according to objective criteria!

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Why are AGT queens special?

Breeders within the AGT only produce from especially selected high-quality mothers (2a) that have demonstrated above-average performance. For an orientation, consult the breeding values including the confidence intervals for the individual traits, listed in the breeding registry for the different sister groups born in the same year.
As a rule, all stock has been subjected to selection and breeding for several bee generations. Only breeders who meet all requirements for tolerance breeding are listed in the breeding registry.

The detailed breeding programme has been developed to prevent each breeder from testing only his/her own queens. Around mid-July, about one third of our queens is being exchanged and distributed within the regional groups. Each participating breeder is assigned to testing foreign queens with one third of his/her testing capacity. In addition, some apiaries participate on a testing-only basis, without contributing any queens of their own.

The objectivity of the performance testing procedure is ensured by evaluating queens of the same sister group in different apiaries by several different testers. Different testing stations have varying environmental conditions – nectar flow, climate, and beekeepers. The overall performance of the colonies in these different environments is reflected in the breeding values of the queen.

The breeding values deliver an objective estimate of the genetic potential of each tested queen. They include information from testing the queen itself, but also the performance of sisters and ancestors, and thus enable an easy and objective comparison of queens.   

The AGT queen ID card is our trademark, standing for the high quality of our breeding efforts. In addition to a mating certificate, designed specifically for queens mated at a mating station or instrumentally inseminated, it contains the pedigree including information about ancestors and a table with their breeding values.


AGT Zuchtprogramm